Do you want a new and fun way to train, right for you? Try to keep in mind your zodiac sign!

Since the sign influences our personality, we thought of making a list of the best sports suggestions for each sign. Which do you sign up for?

ARIES (21 MAR - APR 19)

As an Aries, you enter the game in order to win. You like competition, but you can’t stand losing. So a sport without partners is preferable.

With a fighting energy and in search of adrenaline, the best sports for you are those that involve speed or contact. Choose boxing, athletics or motorcycle racing.

TAURUS (19 APR - 20 MAY)

If you are Taurus, then you are characterized by comfort. And you refuse to abandon him. Sport helps you enjoy your body and recharge your batteries. Outdoor running, rowing, dancing or gymnastics suit you.


For Gemini, sport means TEAM. Everything will be fine if you have a partner with you or you are part of a group. Games involving balls are perfect for your agility and the fun you want. Another suitable choice would be fitness classes.

CANCER (JUN 22 - JUL 22)

The main purpose for a Cancer when doing sports is relaxation and the opportunity to reflect. You like to immerse yourself completely in sports. Being a water sign, it is advisable to choose swimming, water aerobics, sailing, canoeing and scuba diving.

Leo (JULY 23 - AUGUST 22)

Leo wants to be admired and be a star! So, like rams, you will want to win. You have enough courage and you like to prove your muscles, so you can choose beach volleyball, athletics or gymnastics. Or any other fashionable sport that can give you the recognition you want.


Being a perfectionist, Virgo will always feel the need to be an expert in a sport. You will be very good at running or in sports that require learning a complex technique, such as Chi Gong or martial arts.

LIBRA (23 SEP - 22 OCT)

Libra can’t help but think when it comes to sports. You like to look good and have an enviable body but you hate contact sports. So choose sports like Pilates, dancing, tennis or skating.


Scorpios are known to be tenacious and temperamental loners. You should definitely focus on sports without a partner that will allow you to release energy and aggression. Martial arts and extreme sports, such as skydiving, are a good option for you.


Energy and movement bring happiness to Sagittarius. Especially if it’s all outdoors. Riding, trekking or biking in the wild I smile at you. Archery would be another option to try.


Forget team sports! Capricorns love to compete with themselves and win on their own. Endurance and the incredible need to push your limits make you an excellent marathon runner, skier, cyclist or climber.


Personal and spiritual development are very important to Aquarius. That is why Yoga is so right for you. But you also like to try new things and are attracted to exotic or original sports - whatever they may be! As long as they are unique, you will like them!

PISCES (19 FEB - 20 MAR)

Like Cancer, Pisces have a calm temperament and want to relax through sport. However, they are delighted with group sports, such as stretching classes, and any low-intensity sport. By the way, swimming, polo and in extreme cases, diving can be the right choice for you.


A few years ago, the American astronomer Parke Kunkle discovered that the Earth’s axis no longer follows the same direction as it did thousands of years ago.

His conclusion was that there must be a thirteenth sign and that our signs will be given back a month later.

However, the only thing that has changed is the position of the stars and not that of the planets. And the position of the planets is considered to have the greatest impact on astrology.

So it is recommended to stay at the same sign as before. But, if you want to know, the thirteenth sign is called Ophiuchus.

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