There is a barefoot running plantar fasciitis debate that is taking the internet by storm.

And that debate…does barefoot running cure Plantar Fasciitis. From what I have seen, the information is all over the place.

Some websites say yes. These sites say that there is no support for the arch. And if there is no support for the arch, then there is no pressure placed on the arch.

If there is no pressure placed on the arch, then there can be no tearing of the ligaments in the foot that is indicative of Plantar Fasciitis.

And then there are some websites that say no. These sites state that after years of running in shoes, the foot is not used to ground contact.

This change itself could cause some real injury.

Then the nay-sayers also say runners that start running barefoot could change their running style.  

These changes can also cause certain running injuries. These injuries can be caused by the body being subjected to an activity that it’s not used to.

Then there are people that have actual issues with their feet…such as having flat feet. People that are flat-footed needed to have a certain level of arch support in their shoes.

If the arch support is not there, then running could cause serious injury. So for people with flat feet, barefoot running is not an option. Wear shoes with proper supports.

Barefoot running also leaves a foot that is tender open to striking the ground. This can lead to other injuries like heel spurs and shin splints.

Second, if you are running on concrete, then you have to contend with the heat of the pavement.

Especially if you have to cross an asphalt street. You will risk at least getting second-degree burns on your feet during the summer.

Third, if you are running barefoot with feet that are used to wearing shoes, then you risk getting friction burns and blistering from the sidewalks.

Fourth, when you wear shoes while running, you have protection from anything that might be on the ground.

Now if you step on a nail that is longer than the sole of your shoe, then you are definitely going to have issues.

However, your shoe can protect your feet from such things as pea gravel that is on the sidewalk.

It will more than likely get stuck in the tread of the shoe. And if there is another debris on the sidewalk that you may hit, you risk less injury to your foot with shoes on.

So, you should definitely run with shoes on. But it is recommended that if you have Plantar Fasciitis, then you should consider taking some time off from running until you are healed. And during that time, you should definitely go around the house barefoot.

There is actually anecdotal evidence that walking around barefoot can actually help with Plantar Fasciitis.

After all, you can try this, and if things don’t improve, then you can always go back to wearing shoes inside the house.

But when I had these issues, I found that going around barefoot actually helped me out in recovering faster. Just give it a try and see if it works for you.

It is recommended that you do not do a barefoot running plantar fasciitis recovery. Instead, just stop running…or even better, see if you can get by with using an elliptical runner during your recovery.

This should take the strain off the foot a little while you get over this injury without loss of insurance. And while recovering, walk around the house barefoot. Try this out and see how it works for you.

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