One good thing about running is that it does not take a lot of equipment to do.

However, there a few accessories you may need to have to improve your running experience.

This running gear is not too expensive and anyone, with a good budget, has enough money them without breaking a sweat.

Of course, like many things you can spend as much or as little on any item as you feel comfortable.

Without further ado, here are the 7 important running accessories you should acquire:

Proper Running Shoes

Running Shoes are the most important running gear you need. If you can’t afford purchasing anything else, then focus on getting some good running shoes.

These shoes are specifically designed and manufactured to cushion your feet and withstand the forces and impact of running.

Keep in mind that running in the wrong running shoes causes pain and unwanted injuries.

Running Clothes

The next thing on the list is some running clothes. Whether you need a running shirt, running shorts, or the latest running skirt, the big thing to remember is to avoid the ‘fiber of death’.

The fiber of death is cotton, of course. The new high-tech fabrics out today will wick moisture away from your body, and also will reduce chaffing. In the cold weather, you will need some warmer clothes, but avoid cotton here, too.

Running Socks

Technically this is an article of clothing, but it is important. As with the other clothing items, it is important that you get the best running socks made of a high-tech fiber, and not cotton. This tip will help you to avoid getting blisters on your feet.

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack

If you are planning to do long running sessions, then you have to stay hydrated.

Throughout running sessions for more than 30 minutes, hydration is necessity-especially in the heat.

Sport bottles and hydration packs are affordable and tremendously helpful.

Running Sunglasses and a Hat

While I love the sun, but I find it difficult to run safely and easily once the sunlight is in my eyes, which can be a pain.

Having some good running sunglasses or a good hat can shield you from sunlight, especially during those summer runs.

Of course, the additional bonus of sunglasses is that they can help shield you from the harmful Ultraviolet rays.

Running Watch

Purchasing a running watch can help you tremendously with the timing and keep an eye on your progress.

Furthermore, many running watches are wired with a GPS monitoring system so you can know exactly where you are without worrying about getting lost. 

Other watches have a heart rate monitor built in so you can keep track of your heart rate.

Bonus Item – MP3 player or iPod

if you can run with music safely, then you may want to consider taking along your mp3 player or iPod.

I actually have been running with my iPhone, and have the Nike Plus iPod system that tracks my mileage and gives me some tunes, too! 

I also have a particular kind of earbud that I prefer to use when I run.

Bonus Item 2 & 3 -

Of course, two other things that you may need when running include some running fuel such as a nutrition bar. 

Or you may need to cut down on the rashes due to running.

What do you think? 

Do you have another running accessory that you do not leave home without?

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