2015 US Skyrunner® Series


Nineteen quality races, three disciplines, the same winning formula. Building on the success and inspiration of the inaugural 2014 US Skyrunner® Series, 2015 continues the natural expansion of international Skyrunning events that have captured the imagination of runners globally. There are now Skyrunner® National Series in around 30 countries, including the US.


2015 also sees the addition of the North American Skyrunning Continental Championship at the Audi Power of 4 50k (Ultra) and Flagstaff Sky Race (VK and Sky). These events score points towards the Skyrunner® World Series. See the Continental Championship page for more details.


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See how the US Skyrunner® Series fits into the global world of Skyrunning on our Background page.


Details of the Series

Seven Sky, seven Ultra and five Vertical K races are distributed across the country, offering expanded opportunities to run in some of the most beautiful locations in the US.


450 miles of racing including over 150,000ft feet of vertical gain with inclines that will truly push the best mountain runners to their limits and offer unique experiences for every competitor. Distance + Vertical = Skyrunning.


Legendary, iconic and prestigious events make up the calendar, with many of the Vertical races doubling up with Sky and Ultra events. The majority of the races have been created or adjusted specifically for the US Skyrunner® Series, broadening the scope of competitive and spectacular Skyrunning races globally.


As Ian Sharman, the Director of the US Skyrunner® Series states: "Ever since I first saw Skyrunning at Transvulcania, it captured my imagination with the audacity and beauty of the courses and sheer difficulty of the races. The events are some of the toughest around but leave runners wanting more, from the leaders to the back of the pack. So I'm really excited and honored to bring the original Skyrunning concept to the US on a wider scale with some of the most exciting races around."


Videos of some of the races can be found at the following links to give a clearer picture of what the US Skyrunner® Series is all about:


-       The Rut video

-       Angels Staircase video

-       Flagstaff Sky Race course video

-       Flagstaff Sky Race promo video

-       Tushar Sky Race video (shown near the end of the Grand Circle Series)


2015 Race Schedule


1. NEW YORK: Whiteface Sky Marathon - 26 miles - Wilmington - June 28

- 9,000ft elevation gain

2. COLORADO: Kendall Mt Run - 12 miles - Silverton - July 18

- 3,750ft elevation gain

3. UTAH: Tushar Sky Marathon - 26 miles - Tushar Mountains - August 1

- 6,800ft elevation gain

4. WASHINGTON: Angels Staircase - 35km - Carlton - August 9

- 6,000ft elevation gain

5. MONTANA: The Rut - 25k - Big Sky - September 5

- 7,000ft elevation gain

6. WASHINGTON: Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon - 26 miles - Crystal Mountain Resort - September 19

- 8,000ft elevation gain

7. ARIZONA: Flagstaff Sky Race - 39km - Flagstaff - October 3

- 8,000ft elevation gain


1. GEORGIA: Georgia Death Race - 68 miles - Vogel State Park - March 14

- 20,000ft elevation gain
2. NORTH CAROLINA: Quest for the Crest - 50km - Burnsville - May 30

- 11,000ft elevation gain

3. COLORADO: Audi Power of 4 - 50km - Aspen Snowmass - July 19 

- 7,900ft elevation gain

4. UTAH: Tushar Sky Race - 93km - Tushar Mountains - August 1

- 16,800ft elevation gain

5. WASHINGTON: Angels Staircase - 60km - Carlton - August 8

- 11,000ft elevation gain

6. MONTANA: The Rut - 50km - Big Sky - September 5

- 10,000ft elevation gain
7. ARIZONA: Flagstaff Sky Race - 55km - Flagstaff - October 3

- 10,000ft elevation gain


1. NORTH CAROLINA: Quest for the Crest VK - Burnsville - May 30

2. NEW YORK: Whiteface VK - Wilmington - June 27

3. COLORADO: Audi Power of 4 VK - Aspen Snowmass - July 18

4. MONTANA: Lone Peak VK - Big Sky - September 4 
5. ARIZONA: Flagstaff Sky Race VK - Flagstaff - October 4 


Ranking Points

The three best results in each Series are scored in the overall ranking for each runner. Ranking points in the final races of all three Series are increased by 20% then rounded. In the result of a tie for a podium position, head-to-head results are considered with the Series final as the most important result.


Ranking points breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 1 point. Scoring goes down to 40th position for men and 15th position for women.


Total prizes:  See the PRIZES page with over $50,000 available across the entire Series with prizes up to $5,000. Every race has prize money.


*Entry is direct through individual Race Directors. Slots are prioritized for 2013 and 2014 SWS and ISF Ranked athletes.



SKY - races more than 22 km and less than 50 km long with at least 1,300m positive vertical climb (SkyRace® and SkyMarathon®)
ULTRA - races 50 km and over that exceed the SkyMarathon® parameters (Ultra SkyMarathon®) 
VERTICAL - races with 1,000m positive vertical climb not exceeding 5 km distance (Vertical Kilometer®)

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