Plantar Fasciitis Socks assist people in recovering from one of the most detrimental, painful, and common injuries that we face.

The injury called Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament that runs the arch of the foot. It’s very painful and produces a lot of swelling.

For people who are suffering from this debilitating injury, you are in luck. I have gone out and found the top five compression socks.

This saves you the hours of research in having to look up the hundreds of compression socks that are on the market. Below I will give a short review of these socks.

Since this is just to give you an idea of what these socks can do for you, please feel free to look into them more.

However, I believe that these five socks are the best on the market. And among these socks, there is something for everyone.

Everyday wear compression socks

First is the OrthoSleeve FS6. This sock offers six-zone targeted compression, including a little compression on the calf and balls of the feet, moderate compression to the arch, and firm compression to the heel.

This form gives you the compression that you need right where you need it most. The compression also assists in recovering from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, Arch Pain, and resulting swelling from these injuries.

This compression sock may be worn during the day or in bed. And the best part is the sock is made out of a wetness wicking material that keeps the sock-and your foot-dry and odor free at all times.

The next compression sock is actually the Feetures brand version of the OrthoSleeve FS6. The features are pretty much the same.

The added benefit is that Feetures makes a compression sock that is specifically designed for women. So the ladies may be interested in checking that product out.

Compression socks for fitness and the outdoors

The third compression sock on the list is Feetures Elite Merio+. These socks are made from natural fibers, namely rayon, which can be found in bamboo, and Merino Wool.

These running socks are made to form fit to your feet, just like shoes. They have the compression technology of other compression sock, giving you the stability that you need for recovery, and the form fitting technology has the added benefit of protecting your feet from blistering during long hikes or hunting season.

The wet-wicking technology keeps your feet dry and the Merino Wool keeps them warm all day long.

And with the manufacturing technology put into these socks, there are no toe seams.

This means that while most people’s toes will be irritated by a toes seem, your feet will be just fine.

So if you are active in the outdoors any, the Features Elite Merio+ is the sock for you.

The fourth sock is the Sox MultiSport Compression Sock. This sock is for athletes and “gym rats”, and actually has Silver Drystat in the sock.

This material prevents fungus and bacteria from settling into the sock and causing odors.

This material is also a dry-wick material that deeps your feet dry. The compression used in this sock will actually help your performance, either in your sport or in the gym.

The compression will help reduce swelling as all compression socks do. This sock comes in different models that provide more compression and support to different parts of the foot as needed.

The fifth and final sock is the Sure Fit Ultra 8. This sock combats the Plantar Fasciitis ailment by providing extra support to the ankle. The figure 8 also provides some lift to the Plantar Fascia ligament.

And the company states that you can wear this sock to provide the ankle support that you would get from a taped ankle.

This sock can be worn during the day, during workouts, and even while you’re sleeping. This sock can be worn under normal socks and has the dry-wicking ability of the other socks above.

The only thing about the Sox MultiSport Compression Sock is that you only get one per purchase. However, the company does give a discount on the purchase of two or more socks.

These are my top five compression socks. There is something in this list literally for everyone. And most of these socks don’t cost more than $25.

Another great bonus is that when you recover from your Plantar Fasciitis injury, you can continue wearing the last three socks while active in the outdoors, your sport, or the gym. So the active-wear socks could be a great investment for the years to come.

Finally, some of these socks make the claim that you can wear them at night. I would suggest that you try it for a day or so. If you are experiencing ill effects, then continue to wear your brace.

Remember, I am not a doctor (and neither are these companies), these companies are selling a product, and I am just a guy giving suggestions on products. Do your own due diligence on “therapies”.

Plantar Fasciitis is no laughing matter. It takes people out of the activities they love. So finding the right compression socks to assist in their recovery is a top priority as well. This is why I created this list of Plantar Fasciitis Socks, and I hope it has been a benefit to you.

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